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Surfacing on the blurred edges of Philadelphia, Crown of Pity was built from the wreckage and rebirth of post-punk, shoegaze, lush tsunamis of reverb, walls of noise, post-hardcore, teenage fascination, and the dark smoky east coast clubs of the 90s.

After cutting his teeth with solo project genCAB,and long-running industrial Aesthetic Perfection, Pity sparked to life when David Dutton (guitar, vocals, synthesizers) and sister-in-law Natalie Rakes (bass, vocals) started jamming Dutton’s yet-unnamed new material and loud sonic flow ensued. Rakes, having plied the depths of Los Angeles with The Midnight Shakes and her solo work as Natalie Nylon, including being featured on American Horror Story, now anchors a guitar maelstrom with haunting echos and saturated low-end bass to get lost in.

With the final addition of the veteran production ear of Jeff Zeigler (Nothing, War On Drugs, Kurt Vile), their new EP, Everlasting Sunday, will leave you feeling nostalgic for the romantic post-apocalyptic future you’ve never had. It’s out for preorder September 29th 2017, and releases on Halloween 2017.


Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizers / David Dutton
Bass, Vocals / Natalie Rakes



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Everlasting Sunday

by crown of pity

Leviathan (official video)

9.29.2017 / Self Produced


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